Hey girl, heyyy!

I guess this is where I am supposed to impress you with my ever-grand bio and convince you my website is worthy of your time. Well, if you know me at all; you know that isn’t really my thing. Instead, what I will do is say: Welcome to the shit show!

Mama, you are guaranteed to leave here feeling encouraged. I may have awful jokes and nerd-out once in a while but just based on how crazy my life is and how much of a hot mess I am (can you say #hotmessexpress?!?!), you are pretty much guaranteed to leave here feeling better about yourself!

Things are Pretty Nuts Around Here

You see, I’m a mama of three; ages 5, 3, and 1. My life is insane! Oh, and did I mention my husband is in the military and he’s gone more than he’s home? No, I forgot that part? Oh yeah… there is that! And did I tell you I work from home while also attempting to homeschool? Again, I say; welcome to the shit show!

Being a mom is HARD and when also married to a career-military man, I have learned resilience and strength in ways I never knew possible. From our very first deployment, up until the time we had kids; my stress has always been released in the gym.

Stressed after a hard day’s work? Gym.
Celebrating another birthday or holiday alone? Gym.
After a day of my kids running around the neighborhood yelling, “Anarchy!!!” at the top of their lungs?! You guessed it…. GYM!
Over the years, it has become part of my identity.

No Mom Should Have to Drink Alone

Somehow, though, that identity changed when I became a mom. I went from being a runner and triathlete to a WWE referee and snack bitch. After weaning my third and final baby, I may or may not have thrown myself a party when I realized my body is FINALLY mine, again!

Self-care looks a lot different now than it did in the past. I can’t go for 50-mile bicycle rides or shop for hours, alone; but what I have found is SELF-CARE IS STILL POSSIBLE!

I’m going to show you how to get in a great workout, while also managing the chaos of mom-life. I’ll share my favorite healthy recipes and my all-time favorite self-care products, including makeup and skincare! I’ll give you tips on how to stay sane while helping your kids with distance-learning; and on the days when all sanity is out the window, I’ll be there with my coffee mug of wine, cheersing you. Because in this crazy mom life, we should never have to drink alone.

Cheers, mama!