My Journey to Health: Week 2

Week two of my postpartum weight loss has been more challenging than last week. If I’m being completely transparent, it seems I have lost a bit of motivation. Maybe it’s because I haven’t been exercising as much this week as I did last. Maybe it’s because I haven’t been sleeping as well — I don’t usually sleep well when my husband is away. I’m sure there are a lot of reasons but either way, I KNOW I WANT THIS and because of that, I am not stopping! Consistency is key, after all, mamas.

This week also proves that we need to pay attention to our bodies and not just focus on what the scale says. I’ve lost inches this wee but gained weight. You may be wondering how? Well, I am bloated from drinking on the 4th of July and from not drinking as much water as I should be, but I am still gaining muscle and losing fat. Yes, the scale can be a handy tool when it comes to our weight loss but it shouldn’t be the only thing we focus on. Listening to our bodies is so much more important.


Week Two
This week I didn’t do that great at tracking, either. This week was a fail. BUT, the good news is I stills aw progress even though I didn’t give it 100%! The point of me telling you this is so you DON’T GIVE UP! Mama, muscle memory is a thing and your body will thank you for the work you are putting in!

Current Stats
Weight: 194 lbs (+1.6 lbs)
Chest: 41 3/4″ (-1/4″)
Waist: 35 1/4″ (- 1 1/2″)
Hips: 43.5″ (-1 1/2″)
L Bicep: 11 3/4″ (-1 3/4″)
R Bicep: 12″ (-1 1/2″)
L Thigh: 27 1/4″ (-1/4″)
R Thigh: 27″ (-0 1/4″)

Pounds: -5#
Inches: -7″

My weight is up from last week’s weigh-in and I KNOW it’s because of what I have eaten this week. I had a few drinks on Saturday and didn’t exercise as I should have. Is it the end of the world? No. Will next week be better? You bet!

Join Me!
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I can’t wait to see where we end up in just 14 short weeks!