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My Journey to Health: Week 1

Well mamas, week one of my journey to health is complete and I am feeling great! The beginning of the week started off rough with sugar cravings and exhaustion, but by the end of the week I began to feel great. The most significant change I have seen is the bloat around my midsection disappear. I am feeling so much thinner already! Along with following a meal plan, I have also been exercising and I’m so happy to already be seeing results! I found an amazing home workout that pushes me and leaves me feeling sore, and I’m so excited about it! I realize I have a long way to go but I’m so excited to finally be taking a step in the right direction.

Week One

Here is my Dear Diary of the week. Enjoy.

Monday, Day 1:

Today, I decided THIS IS MY WEEK! I have thrown out all tempting foods (other than the kids’ granola bars which I’m really going to have to be mindful of!), organized my pantry and refrigerator, and have committed myself to getting back into shape.

Leg day with lots of back squats, front squats, and rowing.

Tuesday, Day 2:

Today, I had a headache for most of the day — my guess is it’s a sugar crash. Usually when I go from eating junk to eating clean my body goes through a short phase of shock and withdraws on sugar and carbs.

I really wanted a PB&J today when I made one for the kids but I didn’t give in; instead I had the pre-made chicken salad I made over the weekend. Meal prepping is so important to me. Without prepping my meals, I’m reckless with my eating. The good thing: I know it and acknowledge it.

I did a cardio-heavy day with a lot of jump roping.

Wednesday, Day 3:

Today, my sugar cravings were so intense. Hazel was awake most of the night (thank you leap #8), which made me exhausted the entire day. I stayed pretty on track with my eating but did have a bite of my son’s cereal this morning. It could have been worse so I’m honestly not too concerned with it. I will say, though, that this change in eating has really been affecting the kids. They are NOT liking it! I always thought we ate pretty healthy but this is making me realize we really didn’t. Having carrots to eat for a snack instead of their wheat thins is just not flying with them, so I’m praying that improves soon.

I took the day off from CrossFit and we basically just focused on surviving and napping today.

Thursday, Day 4:

Today, I joined Beachbody, as a coach! I have considered this option so many times and am so happy I finally went through with it. I’m so excited about it! Having the ability to support, encourage, and motivate women throughout their fitness and health journey makes me so incredibly happy and excited! As for my diet, I gave in and had a granola bar. THOSE DAMN GRANOLA BARS!! I’m a bar lover, so it’s really hard for me having them in the house for the kids. Next week we will not be getting more of them from the store.

Today, I did a BOD workout from 21-Day Fix in front of the tv with the kids. It was so nice because I was able to work out with the kids while at home. It was honestly so stress-free!

Friday, Day 5:

The good news about today is that my diet has been on point, yet again! I’ve been sticking to eating mostly veggies and proteins and have really been cutting back on my fats. I watched a few of the videos for 2B Mindset and I’m SO EXCITED to receive the hard copy of my meal plan and trackers! I think this is going to be a great nutrition program for me because I have definitely had emotional eating problems in the past. If you’ve found yourself emotional eating, I can’t recommend this program enough; I know it is going to be crucial to my journey back to health.

The bad news about today is that I rested. In all transparency and TMI (sorry, fellas!!), I’m on my first postpartum period since having Hazel and it is taking a lot out of me. My body is feeling sluggish and a little off. It is lasting forever and making me exhausted! I’ll be back at it tomorrow, though!

Saturday, Day 6:

Today, the kids and I went to my sister’s house for dinner and it was so nice. Thankfully she and her husband eat clean also, so dinner was exactly something I would eat at home. It was so nice hanging out with them and just being around family. I did have two White Claws (the first alcohol I’ve had all week other than a couple sips of wine).

Today, my workout was another BOD 21-Day Fix workout. It was so good!

Sunday, Day 7:

Today was a really great day! Today was a great day! I woke up before the kids and got my workout in early and I ate completely clean. Portion size has always been an issue for me and I realize now I have been eating way too much food, because I’ve still been hungry after a few meals. I’m thankful my body is finally beginning to get used to smaller portions again.

I woke up early and got my workout in before the kids were awake. Today I started the program The Work and it is a KILLER! It’s so good and the trainer is amazingly motivating!

Current Stats

Weight: 192.4 lbs (-5.6 lbs)
Chest: 42″ (-0″)
Waist: 36 1/2″ (1/4′)
Hips: 44″ (-1″)
L Bicep: 12″ (-1 1/2″)
R Bicep: 12″ (-1 1/2″)
L Thigh: 27 1/4″ (-1/4″)
R Thigh: 27 1/4″ (-0″)

Pounds: – 6.6
Inches: – 4.5″

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I can’t wait to see where we end up in just 15 short weeks!