My Correlation Between Physical Health and Infertility

I accepted Christ into my heart in April of this year and have yet to look back. Since being saved, I have plunged head-first into the Christian lifestyle


I have read countless Bible studies.
I have volunteered for a local women’s ministry.
I have begun a blog.
I have read Scripture daily.

Though spiritually I am doing great, if I’m being completely honest, physically I am not. My website is Barbells and Blessings, after all, and yet I haven’t picked up a barbell in weeks. Spiritual health is extremely important but physical health and self-care are also.

If you know me and my story, you know I have a difficult time getting pregnant. It is only by God’s good grace that I have the two beautiful children I have. I have something called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2010, before my husband and I were married. It began with irregular monthly cycles. As time passed I began to notice periods of rapid weight gain. Then there were the hormone fluctuations and the feeling of being unable to control my emotions. I had a miscarriage, which nearly tore my marriage apart. Finally, there was the dreaded infertility. Three years, two separate rounds (four cycles, each round) of fertility medication, and tons of prayer later, and our sweet baby boy was born.

Almost exactly two years after finding out I was pregnant with my son, I began to feel sluggish and just “off”. Remembering my struggles and thinking it was impossible, I decided to take a pregnancy test just to eliminate any question in my mind.


Holy cow, what? How was this happening? It took us so many painful months of disappointment with our son, how was this happening naturally? After going over it so many times in my head, I have connected the two pregnancies to my physical health at the time of conception.

Around the time of my son’s conception I was an avid runner. I had just participated in a half marathon and a triathlon. Physical activity was a huge part of my life at that point and I truly believe it helped to regulate my hormone levels. Then when I got pregnant the second time, I was also extremely physically active. Not as much running, but more weight training and healthy eating. Is this a coincidence? Maybe.

Now, here I am almost three years after the shock of that positive test, and my husband and I are wanting a third baby. But, yet again, I am finding myself disappointed month after month. Then I think back and realize I haven’t picked up a barbell in weeks. My physical health is nowhere near where it should be. My eating isn’t as clean and restrictive as my body needs.

I’m sure you see the problem, here.

I need to get my stuff together.
I need to prioritize my life more effectively.
I need to utilize the garage gym.
I need to strengthen my physical health.

I can pray for a baby all day, but I know I need to, once again, make a physical change and treat my body like the temple God knows it is. So, I need you, my sweet readers, to hold me accountable. Join me on this journey and watch me transform!