More Than Just a Mom: Finding Your Purpose Beyond Motherhood

You are a stay-at-home-mom; strong and brave and beautiful. You clean up messes and give the best hugs. Making favorite meals is your specialty and helping with homework fills your cup. Though you may stay home with your children, it’s important you know you are more than just a mom.

You are a working mom; strong and brave and beautiful. You are a multi-tasking warrior. Your goals and drive have led to you down the road you are on. You are successful and talented and you are admired by many.

Two different moms. 
Two different circumstances.
Both strong, brave, beautiful women.

Now you can imagine how both saddened and discouraged I was to read the following statements by real moms.

“Being a mom is enough.”

“We don’t need to pursue another dream.”

“Stay-at-home-moms have it all — right here in our arms.”

“I don’t think it’s helpful or practical to tell young women, “They can have it all.’

Living Life to Your Fullest Potential

As soon as I came across these comments, my first thought was: What happened to encouragement!?

When did it become okay for us to stop encouraging other mamas to follow their dreams and passions? When did we set limitations on the success we allow into our own lives?

While motherhood is, without question, the most important role we will ever fulfill; we should never limit ourselves to just that.

God made each of us with our own unique set of skills, dreams, and ambitions; so when we begin limiting what He is doing in us and through us, we also begin limiting the ways in which we are living to glorify Him! 

Mama, don’t ever let anyone tell you that because you have children, you shouldn’t be chasing your dreams. I promise, your children will grow to appreciate and respect you so much for following God’s call on your life and by following your heart and making your dreams a reality.

Motherhood is Not the Highest Calling

When we are told being a mother is the highest calling from God, is this really true? Does God not call on us in every aspect of life?

Mama, you are an amazing and beautiful creature. Whether you birthed, adopted, or became a mama in another fashion; you are extraordinary. You are also extraordinary for all the things you do, aside from motherhood. Letting society lie to you and convince you motherhood is your highest calling, is dong you a huge disservice because it simply isn’t true.

And what about the women who are are not yet mothers or who chose to forgo motherhood, altogether? Is this to say these women aren’t called to a high calling? Absolutely not!

You see, every call from God is a high calling!

Whether you have been called to stay home with your babies, to follow His lead and finish your degree, or whether you were called to work outside the home: If you are following His lead and acting in obedience, you are being called.

Is motherhood a high calling? Absolutely!
Is it the highest calling? No, because all of God’s calls are high callings.


Some Women Can't Stay Home

If you have the ability to stay home with your children, you are truly blessed because many moms would love that ability. Some women work due to financial, family, or personal choices. Other women have difficulty staying home due to mental health reasons resulting from the isolation and loneliness that goes along with being a stay-at-home-mom. Should you shame these moms and make them feel bad for not being able to stay home with their babies? NEVER!

Mama, come in close and listen: You are not terrible for not wanting to stay home with your kids! Every family is different and has a different dynamic. What works for Greg and I may not work for you and your spouse and that’s okay!

As women, we should be digging deep and relating to others who are in different circumstances. See my post: Loving Others Through Our Differences.

It doesn’t mean other moms are wrong for doing life differently, it simply means we are all called to live out life in line with our own individual calling. This is exactly what God intended and remember, our God doesn’t make mistakes.

You are More Than Just a Mom

If you are stuck feeling like you are just a mom, let me encourage you to make the time to do something you enjoy. If you aren’t sure what that is, make a list of what you are good at. Are you an artist? Do you enjoy reading? Is playing sports what you enjoy?

Once you figure out what it is you enjoy, commit to this activity. Maybe this means coaching your child’s t-ball team or signing up for an intramural sport; or maybe you sign up for a singing class or piano lessons.

Whatever it is that you enjoy, do it! You deserve something for yourself!

A few of my favorite activities include painting, lettering, and reading. 
Here are my current favorite products to make these activities possible for myself:

Never, for one minute, think you are anything less than remarkable!

You spend day-in-and-day-out caring for, feeding, and bathing other little humans without as much as a, “Thank you.”


Don’t ever let anyone convince you otherwise.

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