Meet Amity

Hi, friends! Thank you so much for visiting my little space; I’m so glad you’re here. My prayer for you is that you leave here feeling inspired, motivated, and loved.

After becoming a mom, it took me a while to learn to embrace my new life. Time was no longer exclusively mine and it took a long time for me to adjust. My gym time became almost non-existent and self-care, well, yeah. If you’re a mom, you know! Just as I was learning to fully function in this new role as as a mom and wife, I got pregnant with our second child. Life was hectic and chaotic and just plain messy, but it was also an incredible blessing.

For nearly three years, I hung onto the popular opinion. I wanted to do what the crowd was doing. I wanted to blend in and fit in and be the perfect mom. It wasn’t until I had our third baby that I learned to fully embrace everything that has to do with mom-life and to throw all expectations and stereotypes out the window. There isn’t a thing as the perfect mom. We are all different and we are all doing our best, no matter what that best may be.

Being a mom is HARD and if anyone tells you differently, then they probably have a nanny or family nearby to help — or maybe both! Having a husband who is a career-military man, though, has taught me resilience and strength in ways I had previously never experienced. From our very first deployment up until the time we had kids, I would release my stress and anxiety in the gym. After a hard day’s work? Gym. After another birthday or anniversary celebrated alone? Gym. Over the years, it became part of my identity.

Somehow, though, that identity changed when I became a mom. Whether it was lack of motivation or sleep deprivation or just plain laziness; I never really found my way back. Embracing my current season is something I have tried to focus on since becoming a mom. Am I exercising as much as I would like to be? No, but I am enjoying every single day with my family.

No one can do it all. No one has it all together. Motherhood is full of sacrifice and compromise and that, my friends, is the season I have been in. Lately, though, I have felt a shift. I have gained so much self-confidence and a feeling of self-worth. I am feeling my motivation return and I am ready to fully embrace it! I would love for you to join me and enter this new season of life alongside me. My hope for you is that you find the encouragement you need, right here with me. No matter where you are in your fitness or mom-life journey, with Jesus and a little mascara, all things are possible!

As I pray over you, sweet mama, please know I am so grateful for you.