Daily Expectations Chart

Being a mom is HARD! Between errands and picking up after my two older kids; plus the constant nursing sessions and lack of sleep; it was too much. I needed a way to hold my two older kids accountable. Realizing this, I came up with this daily expectations chart. This chart has helped my kids so much with their sense of accomplishment because kids the age of mine love feeling needed and helpful!

Right now, I have a feeling there may be a lot of parents feeling this exact way. You’re used to your kids being at school, but then suddenly they are home with you, making messes and creating more for you to do. With this in mind, I went to my Instagram stories and asked if anyone would be interested in this daily expectations chart I created.

Daily Expectations Chart

Get dressed
Brush teeth
Eat breakfast
Take dishes to sink/load dishwasher
Schoolwork, creative play
Take dishes to sink/load dishwasher
Clean up before dinnertime
Take dishes to sink/load dishwasher
Put on pajamas/bath time on bath nights
Brush teeth before bed

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This season of life is unexpected, stressful, messy, and chaotic. Though I’m far from perfect, I do strive to have our household run as efficiently as possible.

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You’ve got this mama!