A Change of Pace

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written. I’ve wanted to. I’ve thought about it probably a thousand times, but something else always took priority over finding time to sit and spill it all to my little piece of the internet.

It could be that.

Or it could be that I have found myself in a rut. Writer’s block, if you will? That I have become so focused on other aspects of life that the creative outlet I love so much has become somewhat of a nuisance.

When put that way, it sounds bad. It sounds like my love for writing may not be love at all. Loathe, perhaps?

You see, God has an incredible way of working in our lives. When God called me to create a blog, I knew He was onto something great. I knew He was using me to reach people in a way that I would have never had the confidence to do on my own. I knew He wanted to me write and to share my story.

The problem? There was something missing.

My biggest passion in life, especially now that I’m a mom, is setting a good example for my kids by exercising regularly and creating healthy meals for my family; all while keeping my focus on Christ and all He is doing in my life.

This is my passion.
This is my identity.
This is me.

So, friends, please bear with me as we go through a transformation.
Being anything but our best is not an option.

Many blessings,