15 Popular Homeschool Curricula

Mama, this year has been crazy and when we rang in the new year, you may have never expected to homeschool this fall. I know this isn’t a decision you are taking lightly; so please know, no matter which way you choose to school your children this school year — you are amazing! But, just in case you are thinking of homeschooling, here is a list of 15 of the most popular homeschool curricula on the market.

Please remember that not all homeschooling curricula are created equal but that doesn’t necessarily mean much. If your child is young (think preschool thru 1st grade), a few worksheets and child-led lessons may be all they need to thrive. What works for one child may not work for the next because all children learn differently and at their own pace. Patience, mama. Follow your child and how they learn.

Before homeschooling, I strongly suggest researching and signing up with the Homeschool Legal Defense Association, which will lead to peace-of-mind throughout your school year. For a minimum monthly fee, HSLDA backs you with a team of legal defense leaders which can assist you by ensuring you meet your specified state requirements, answering questions and offering additional homeschooling resources, and coming to your defense, if needed. If your child’s age requires state registration, HSLDA is a must-have!

In addition, here are a few of my personal must-haves, which have made our homeschooling journey so much easier and more efficient.
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Abeka is a homeschool and private school complete curriculum featuring either parent-led study or video-led study. The curriculum includes core academic subjects as well as art, foreign language, music, and more. Abeka features a traditional education philosophy based on its structured curriculum and if opting for the video-based learning, was filmed in a classroom setting.

Accredited Christian Education (A.C.E. Ministries)

ACE Ministries offers a Bible-based K5 thru grade 12 text-based curriculum. ACE believes in the power of individualized learning, the development of critical thinking skills, and socialization. As a homeschooling family with ACE, you have the option from choosing between the Lighthouse Christian Academy or registering as an independent homeschooler.

Alpha Omega Publications

Alpha Omega Publications is a leading publisher of Christian homeschool curricula which features five different option — Monarch, which is a video-led curriculum; Switched-On Schoolhouse, which is a computer-based curriculum; LIFEPAC, which is a textbook-based curriculum; Horizons, which is a teacher-led curriculum; and Weaver which is a unit-study curriculum. Their website prides itself on offering a “Private Christian Education from $199/month”.

Bob Jones (BJU)

BJU is a textbook-based Christian homeschool curriculum. They offer K3 thru grade 12 which features each core subject, foreign language, and Bible studies. Video lessons are also an option.

Christian Liberty Press

Christian Liberty Press has a few different options including Christian Liberty Academy School System (CLASS), which is for those would like to have a little extra support while homeschooling. They also offer a textbook-based kits for grades Preschool thru grade 12; as well as the ability to purchase individual books for independent study.

Classical Conversations

Classical Conversations offers four main groups for education, depending on the child’s age; Scribblers, ages 3 thru 8; Foundations, ages 4 thru 12; Essentials, ages 9 thru 12; Challenge, ages 12+. If you have considered homeschooling and also love the idea of keeping your child socially engaged, Classical Conversations may be a great fit for you. CC has a focus on repetition and memorization. Groups meet once per week and work together on public speaking, science projects, and experiments.

Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool

Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool is a completely FREE online homeschool curriculum. EP does not have an accredited option with their program. The video lessons are gathered from across the internet and while it is a great free resource, my personal recommendation would be to have supplemental work, in addition.

Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW)

Institute for Excellence in Writing is a textbook-based program that focuses on reading, writing, literature, poetry, spelling, and music. The principle behind IEW is to create confidence in a child’s writing process, which eventually leads to greater independence and creativity. This program is available for grades K thru 12.


K12 has three options. They offer a free online public school option, a live tutoring option, as well as a tuition-based private school option. Core classes are offered, as well as additional elective classes at given age levels. K12 may be a good option for those who aren’t looking for a Bible-based curriculum but would still like to homeschool.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a completely free and full curriculum option with the addition of life skills such as Careers, Personal Finance, Growth Mindset, and Social and Emotional learning. While free, the videos are predominately YouTube-type videos and could use some upgrading.

My Father’s World

My Father’s World is a Christian homeschool curriculum which combines ideas of the Charlotte Mason Method, traditional education, and Biblical teachings. Programs are available from preschool thru grade 12. MFW does not offer a live or video-based option.


Sonlight is a Christian curriculum for Preschool thru grade 12. Though literature-based, they offer all standard subject material. Sonlight offers different packages if you plan to teach more than one child at different grade levels. They offer a one-year guarantee. No video option is available.

Time 4 Learning

Time 4 Learning is an affordable online homeschooling program that is for students from preschool thru grade 12. Included you receive online video lessons and printable worksheets. The difference between this curriculum and other online program is that Time 4 learning doesn’t include any additional downloads or purchases.

Veritas Press

Veritas Press is a Christian curriculum that focus on teachings around the Trivium — Stage 1, grammar; stage 2, logic; stage 3, rhetoric. Veritas Press is a textbook-based curriculum with some subjects offered live.

You may also find my list of 25 Free Educational Resources for Children helpful or if you have your curriculum picked and you’re searching for ways to motivate your child, my Daily Expectations Chart may fit your needs.

Above all else, remember this: You are your child’s parent and ultimately you know them best and you know what is best for them. Mama, whatever you do, please don’t think public schooling is your only option. Follow your heart and remember, you are capable!

I know you can do this!